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Information about the NKF XXIII Congress

The next NKF Congress will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark 3.-4. October 2024:



Adapting heritage preservation to future challenges

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    Resources & Sustainability



    Humans as a resource, interdisciplinarity, sustainable practices in architecture, conservation, archaeology, and environmental conservation.




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    Co-creation & collaboration



    Interdisciplinary collaborations, inclusion, traditional practices, representation, ownership, responsibility, volunteering.




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    Conflict & care



    Repatriation and representation, decolonization, recovery, emergency response, raising awareness.




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    Change & persistence



    Education, heritage skills, legislation, heritage communities and organisations, digitisation.




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    Congress theme

    The title of the congress will be Resilience, with the subtitle Adapting heritage preservation to future challenges. With Resilience as title, we would like to set focus on preservation in a changing world. We would like to create a space to discuss the resiliency of the conservation field, and how it should adapt to changes in climate and biodiversity, international political structures, colonial dynamics and much more. How can heritage-preservation contribute to a change of conduct amongst people, institutions, and society?


    Audience and speakers

    We would like to invite speakers and attendees from all over the world, with a background in conservation and other heritage-professional backgrounds. We invite themes with both a theoretical as practical view, and contributions will be peer-reviewed.

    NKF XXIII Congress will show the newest research topics in heritage-preservation in the IIC-Nordic Group and invite international researchers to bring their knowledge to northern Europe. We believe in the importance of knowledge-sharing and new perspectives to open our eyes and dare look into the sore subjects of a changing future.



    In 2024 Denmark is hosting the 23rd triennial NKF Congress. The congress host take turns between the member countries of NKF (Nordic Association of Conservators): Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It marks the end of each country’s three-year presidentship of the association.

    Since 2021 the Danish organization under NKF has been working on finding the right theme and scope of the 2024 congress, and measuring the resources needed to succeed. The decision has been made for a two-day congress in Copenhagen in October 2024.


    Who is NKF?

    The Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF) was established in 1950 when the rather few professional conservators operating in the northern European countries at that time joint forces in an inter-Nordic non-profit association (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). During the last decades the number of conservators in each of the Nordic countries have increased as the conservator education have been formalized.

    Since 2001, conservation studies has been recognized as a scientific academic education in Denmark following the European Bologna-declaration. The Institute of Conservation at the Royal Danish Academy is placed in Copenhagen, specialized around science and scientific research of heritage-preservation - recognizing the fundamental practical arts and crafts skills of the profession dealing with cultural heritage objects of all sizes and materials.