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Nordic Association of Conservators - Denmark

NKF-dk is a interest organisation for professional conservators in Denmark. A part of the Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF), ICC Nordic Group.

Welcome to the Nordic Association of Conservators

NKF is the common association of conservators from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. NKF-members work professionally with the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage in the Nordic countries.

Membership of the Nordic Association of Conservators

As a member of NKF-dk you support that our cultural heritage is conserved, preserved and handled in the most skilled and professional way. Also you contribute to the promote the work with;

  • Strengthen and visualising the conservator profession both locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Establish, developing and maintaining professional and knowledge sharing networks and social communities with other colleagues from Denmark and the other Nordic countries.
  • Creating a stronger voice in connection to current preservation and cultural heritage related issued.
  • Develop the identity and methods of the profession, both scientifically and regarding handicraft skills.

How do I become a member of NKF-dk?

Everybody can become a supporting member of NKF-dk. To become a ordinary member with voting rights you need to have a relevant conservator education or work professionally with conservation and preservation of cultural heritage within a related profession.

Please contact the board of NKF-dk for further question at bestyrelsen@nkf-dk.dk

or fill out a submission formula (Danish version).


More knowledge about NKF

The Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF) was established in 1950 when the rather few professional conservators operating in the northern European countries at that time joint forces in an inter-Nordic non-profit association (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). During the last decades the number of conservators in each of the Nordic countries have increased as the conservator education have been formalized.

Since 2001, conservation studies has been recognized as a scientific academic education in Denmark following the European Bologna-declaration. The Institute of Conservation at the Royal Danish Academy is placed in Copenhagen, specialized around science and scientific research of heritage-preservation - recognizing the fundamental practical arts and crafts skills of the profession dealing with cultural heritage objects of all sizes and materials.


NKF Activities

The Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF) organizes joint activities, such as congresses, symposiums and further education courses in changing locations in the five countries. Once a year, the peer reviewed journal “Meddelelser om Konservering” (MoK) (“Notifications on Conservation”) is also published with articles written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English with summaries always provided in both Finnish and English.


Do you want to know more about NKF-dk ?

The Nordic Association of Conservators - Denmark (NKF-dk) organizes network meetings, social events and smaller seminars in Denmark and publishes the member magazine “Bevar” twice a year. NKF-dk is also operating an email newsletter with current news, jobs and invites and organizes and facilitates the annual general meeting. The board of NKF-dk consists of conservators from all over the country, working in both museums as well as private conservation centres and small studios.


The board

The board respectively has 12 board members and two suppleants, who are all operating in smaller working unit groups dealing with proffesional and social event, communication and service for NKF-dk members and actively engaging in cultural-heritage politics on behalf of Danish conservation profession. Every year the board has approximately five board meetings and a thre-year planned mission of work. The board presents the work, vision and economical report at the annual general assembly in the spring.