Two-day training course on Pressure Sensitive Tape removal w/ Antonio Mirabile

The removal of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape residues from works of art on paper imposes challenges to conservators that may not be successfully resolved with established approaches and materials. Pressure-sensitive tapes, PST(s), found on paper artworks have various functions: they can be used as adhesive fasteners as part of a temporary conservation treatment, or be applied by the artist, being, thus, explicitly part of the artwork. General content of the training History, and production of PST Components: carrier, adhesive, primer and release coating Identification: chemical, physical, optical, when and why identify Deterioration of: paper and plastic backing, rubber and polymer-based adhesives, paper substrate and artistic media History of PST on Cultural heritage: Dead Sea scrolls, Salce Collection (Treviso, Italy), Pompidou Center paper- based collections Theoretical and ethical issues in PST removal Solvents, solubility and Health and Safety aspects Mechanical removal: heat, tools, solvents, local or general treatment, benefits/problems Innovative removal: validation protocol, testing, hydrogel, micro-emulsion, organogel, new class of solvents, benefits/problems Preservation Study case PST part of the artwork: considerations and conceivable solutions Evaluation of the training

Dato:  23. april 2020 kl. 10:00

Sted: Gothenburg Museum of Art